How Dental Implants Affect Dentures and a Patient’s Quality of Life


Before implants, denture wearers would suffer. In fact, lower dentures are the reason dental implants were invented.

Whether you wear partial dentures or a full denture, dental implants could be a solution to your problem.  Dental implants improve the support, retention, and stability of a full or partial denture reducing the slip and movement while speaking or eating.

When a tooth or teeth are lost, bone loss also occurs.  Over time a toothless jaw battered by a denture has a substantial bone loss.  Dental implants, like teeth, conserve your jawbone. If possible it is advised that dental implants be placed, as soon as possible, to avoid excessive bone loss.

Dental 3D Cone Beam images
Dental 3D Cone Beam Images

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots. Depending on the number and location of the implants, you could have a bridge or you could have your denture “snap” onto the implants.

The more implants you have the more stable the denture and the more confidence and efficiency in chewing you will experience.

There are a number of different dental attachments on the market at this point.  One of the more popular is called the Locator by (Zest Anchors).  This “Locator” is an easy connection and there are many options that patients like.

Over the last few years, there have been advances in mini-implant design which makes it possible for those that could not have implants in the past. These innovations also have had an effect on lowering the cost of mini implants.  Another quality of the mini implant is the conservative minimally invasive surgical technique.

Advantages of implant over-dentures are improved stability, retention chewing, support, esthetics, speech, and comfort.

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